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Smice successfully supports retail players in their efforts to comply with standards and improve the customer experience.

Identify your issues and define your standards.

Our team of experts can help you design your standards and evaluation models.

Talk to an account manager for a free audit of your situation.

Customized, personalized assessment methods

Smice designs personalized assessment methods for each of its customers.
More than 8,000 mystery shoppers in Europe to evaluate your customer journeys.
An easy-to-use app to launch unlimited audits and self-evaluations at any time.
A full-featured app for easy documentation of field observations.

Analysis tools to understand your results

Analyze your study results in real time via our web services and mobile application.
Easily create dashboards based on the results of your mystery visits and internal audits.
Debrief your teams with pleasure, thanks to PDF reports that are instantly formatted.
Automatically receive your PDF reports and a summary of the past week.

Harmonization of your brand across all your stores.

We generate automated action plans to help your teams harmonize your brand.

Like 100% of our customers, improve and harmonize your quality and customer experience standards across your entire store network.

Laurence Gegou

Retail Director

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to implement at Free, thanks to my previous experience in the cosmetics retail sector, and no other service provider had proposed the "Flash Mystery Shopping" format. Smice enabled us to co-create this new model on the basis of experience. It's an ultra-efficient and instructive format that's been very well received, even acclaimed, by the teams in the field, and I'd recommend it to any retailer.

Talk to Gaëlle, account manager at Smice for the past 8 years.


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