The platform for measuring customer experience

Advanced features to help you make internal audits and mystery visits and mystery visits!

An easy-to-use app for personalized audits and an intelligent platform for analyzing customer experience

The measurement and and improvement the customer experience
A customer experience measurement platform that aims to help online casino players. After all, advanced features will help casino players conduct internal checks and clandestine visits, which is very important in any online business, read also rogers center roof open tonight. In addition, an easy-to-use personalized audit application and an intelligent customer experience analysis platform will definitely appeal to many online casino players for its functionality and ease of use.

Advanced features to help you make internal audits and mystery visits and mystery visits!

An easy-to-use app for personalized audits and an intelligent platform for analyzing and improving customer experience

Mystery shoppers who regularly regularly to assess the quality of your customer journeys.

Your employees self-assess to ensure that your compliance with your company's standards

Our goal

Give you the means to MEASURE, ANALYZEand IMPROVE the quality of your customer experience

Online casinos have revolutionized the gaming industry with innovative technologies designed to enhance the customer experience. One such revolutionary tool is Smice's personalized auditing application and intelligent platform, which have been adopted by many online casinos worldwide, such as This cutting-edge software allows operators to analyze user behavior, preferences and patterns in real time, enabling them to adapt their services accordingly. Using Smice's advanced technology, online casinos can gain valuable insights into their customers' gambling habits. The application collects data on aspects such as gaming preferences, betting habits and session length to create detailed profiles for each player. With this information, operators can personalize offers and promotions according to individual interests and behaviors. In addition, it enables them to quickly identify potential gambling problems by monitoring risky patterns or excessive play times.

High-value-added tools that adapt
to the needs of your quality program

The Smice App, an advanced platform designed to measure customer experience, is similar to the dynamic world of online casinos in Canada. Just as focuses on analyzing and improving the customer experience, Online Casinos Canada strives to offer its players an engaging and satisfying experience. Both platforms understand the importance of user feedback and data analysis in improving their services. In online gambling, the user experience is paramount, which is why these platforms invest in intuitive interfaces, a wide range of games and secure payment gateways to ensure players have a smooth and enjoyable time. Similarly, provides companies with the tools they need to collect, analyze and respond to customer feedback, which is essential for improving products and services. While online casinos cater to the entertainment needs of their players, caters to businesses looking to meet the growing needs of their customers.
  • Briefing, photo shooting, commentary,
    geolocation, conditional connections...

  • Mystery visits and audits are prepared right from the app, thanks to useful briefings and memos.

  • The user (mystery shopper and smiceur) can ask the Smice team questions at any time.

"The Smice App is very easy to use, and extremely practical for internal audits.

Richard Vaillant , Network Manager at Pokawa

Our platform for
designing your and mystery shopping campaigns

  • Design of questionnaires, briefings, scenarios, proposals, alerts,.....
  • Create customized dashboards to analyze results in real time
  • Implementation of the action plan module for transform audits into corrective actions
Our simple application allows online casino players to analyze and improve the quality of service to audits and mystery shoppers. We have only the best platform to measure and improve customer experience with advanced features that can perform internal audits and various secret purchases to get gain carriere nadal. We're also partially committed to creating customized dashboards for real-time results, where online casino enthusiasts turn checks into action.

THE team

We'll help you define and refine your needs, run your workshops, optimize your quality repository, and get to grips with the tools ...

Customer feedback

Grégory Come

New resort projects director, in charge of worldwide luxury range coordination

The Smice tools are easy to learn and use, making it easier for us to teach our managers and new recruits about the customer promise and the standards they need to know to deliver it. Smice enables us to ensure that we are always as close as possible to our customers' expectations.

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