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To help you stay competitive in an extremely competitive sector, we put our solutions and expertise at your disposal to evaluate your stores or services.
Check the conformity of your standards and the quality of your customer experience within your store.

Our mystery shoppers check your customer reception, checkout procedures, the role of your in-store advisors, the cleanliness of your shelves and the availability of your sales staff.
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Measure compliance with your standards

Evaluate the compliance of your businesses with mystery visits

Assess the conformity of your standards with our mystery visits, which measure all the criteria of your standards.
The overall cleanliness of your stores, the way your staff welcome customers, the clarity of your signage, the checkout process - everything is measured and checked exhaustively and objectively.

Scored reports enable you to rank your stores nationwide and quickly implement effective action plans.


Evaluate the customer experience in your stores

The musical and lighting ambience, the quality of the sales staff's welcome, the ease of obtaining clear information, product knowledge and the cleanliness of the shelves are all criteria that contribute to a good or bad customer experience in a store.

Rely on the rich verbatims of our field experts to identify areas for improvement in the customer journey.

Thanks to the Smice App

Your employees can carry out tailor-made internal audits

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Self-assessments to involve your in your quality approach

Hygiene audits to constantly ensure that sales outlets are irreproachable

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Checklists to ensure your outlet openings go smoothly! smoothly!

Example of functions

Customized dashboards

Easily create dashboards based on the results of your mystery visits and internal audits.

Customized dashboards

The Smice platform lets you design dashboards based on the results of your from your mystery visits and internal audits

Display all your results in the forms that suit you best: graphs, donuts, curves, images, tables,....and cross-reference your data with over 1000 possible combinations!

Detailed PDF reports

PDF reports showing overall mission score, as well as scores by sequence, job, theme, etc.

Detailed PDF reports

These PDF reports show the overall score for the mission, as well as scores by sequence, job, theme, etc.

It also includes all the answers to the questions, as well as the photos that were taken.

You get the full report for each visit, but we also make other, more specific report formats available:

  • The image report
  • Non-conformities report
  • Synthesis report

Good to know
: from the platform, you can ask us a question about the report as a whole or about a specific issue. The Smice team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What's more, all these visit reports have a "send to" link to disseminate the information to each stakeholder.

Customized alerts

Every Monday morning you will receive an email containing the most important news of the past week.

Customized alerts

Would you like a weekly follow-up of your surveys?

Every Monday morning you will receive an email containing
the most important news of the past week:

  • Overall visit score
  • Sales outlets that underperformed
  • Score by theme....

It's up to you to decide what information you want to include in the email!

If any points of sale drop out, you'll be alerted immediately

Picture walls

Display all photos taken during audits on filtered and organized image walls.

Images to help you understand at a glance!

Non-compliant shop windows, substandard toilets, perfectly made plates,....

Thanks to numerous filters, you can create your own walls of images based on a theme, a sequence, a region, a criterion... so you can easily visualize the good and less good practices on the subjects that interest you.

You can save your filters and name your lists, and also integrate these lists into your dashboards.


Create a multitude of saved tables by cross-referencing all your program parameters

Over 1000 possible possible!

Recorded views with all the filters you need to understand your results!

Cross-reference your results in all directions to extract the gist and understand them easily.

Scenario scores by store, by sequence, sequences cross-referenced with themes, criteria, store groups...

We're not going to list all 1,000 combinations ;)

Questions to our smiceurs

You can ask us a question about the report as a whole or about a specific issue.

In doubt? Ask your question

Because to err is human, and at Smice we're human, we can make mistakes.

That's why we've set up a way for you to ask us questions about an answer to your audit. Either we can answer directly, or we need to ask the smiceur who carried out your audit.

Either way, you'll get an answer, and if we're wrong, we'll change the answer (of course ; )).

Case studies

SFR conducts mystery shopping

In order to improve the customer experience at the point of sale, SFR wanted to carry out mystery surveys in its stores to measure the quality of service, welcome and sales talk.

Is the Internet offer spontaneously prescribed? Are needs correctly identified?

SFR Shop
Mystery visits/year
Waves per year

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