Our mystery shoppers, selected consumers selected for their seriousness and editorial but not only...

Not everyone can become a smiceur*: out of 10 candidates, 1 becomes a smiceur and carries out missions

* the name we give our mystery shoppers

We want to guarantee you detailed, objective reports! What's more, following a visit, we undertake to provide you with the report within 48 hours.

The choice of quality

    • To keep our smiceurs loyal, we need to offer them regular assignments. That's why, from the outset, we've opted for quality. The right smiceur in the right place!
    • Assignments are evaluated according to objective criteria (spelling, written expression, adherence to the script, etc.), enabling smiceurs to improve visit after visit.
  • Our smiceurs are our partners, and we treat them with respect and kindness.

Our smiceurs like...

I've been doing mystery shopping for several years. I really enjoy working with Smice, as the assignments are varied and enable me to discover a wide range of brands.
The remuneration is attractive and allows me to round out my monthly income or have a little extra fun (restaurants, outings).

The project managers are responsive and very pleasant.
I'd definitely recommend it!
Marie B.
July 2019
I'd like to thank the SMICE team for all the great experiences I've had over the years, whether on my own, with my friends, or as a family with my partner and son. Great missions, new challenges every time. I'm delighted to be able to take part in these wonderful adventures.

Thank you for your daily work and your professionalism! A team that listens.
Stéphanie R.
January 2020
I've been a "smiceuse" for several years now. This constantly evolving company continues to offer more and more varied and high-quality tours. Since the introduction of the application, it's become child's play to arrange a visit.

The project managers are friendly and very efficient.
No worries about refunds. I'm very proud to be a mystery shopper.
Caro Y.
October 2019

2 types of mission,
2 types of remuneration


For non-subordinate assignments, we compensate our smiceurs with gift vouchers and reimburse expenses incurred for the assignment.


For assignments involving subordination, we sign a CDDU (contrat à durée déterminée d'usage) with our smiceurs, and reimburse the expenses incurred for the assignment.

  • Our community of smiceurs is rich and diverse, to match the profile of your customers and send smiceurs close to your points of sale.

  • Age range, professional social category, consumer habits, brand attachment - we have a wide range of criteria for our smiceurs to be your mystery shoppers!

  • For Experience visits, the profile of smiceurs is particularly important, as it's the experience of your customers that you want to know about.

"We were particularly surprised by the quality and relevance of the comments written by smiceurs".

Camille Lacombe, Quality Manager for Groupe Barrière

The choice of technology

  • We've designed the ultimate weapon for the smiceur: the Smice App! It enables smiceurs to receive job offers and apply for them in real time.

  • If several smiceurs have positioned themselves on the same mission, each day a draw will decide the winner!

  • The Smice App then enables the smiceur to prepare his mission and carry it out in ideal conditions.

  • He then enters his questionnaire and sends his report, complete with comments and photos.

Would you like to join the smiceurs club?

To get started, you need to register on our App.

Once you've registered, and filled in your details, we'll offer you a test mystery visit. This "test" mission is an opportunity for us to check your written expression, your spelling, your common sense and your seriousness. For you, it's also a good way of understanding our expectations and experiencing a real-life "mystery visit". mystery visit. Once you've completed this test assignment, if we consider it satisfactory, you'll have the GREAT privilege of joining our closed club of Smice field experts!

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