Tools developed by Smice for 15 years to measure and and improve your customer experience

Advanced features for easy internal audits and mystery shopping.

Tools developed by Smice
to measure and improve your customer experience

An app for personalized audits and an intelligent platform for analyzing your customer experience

Advanced featuresfor easy internal audits and mystery visits

For your audits

Self-evaluation by your employees, or audits of your customer journey by our teams of mystery shoppers, we offer you a unique audit solution thanks to the many services provided by our Smice App.

Permanently available missions

Available missions appear permanently on your employees' Smice app, with no need to set them up each time!

Missions available around the clock permanently

For your employees and our mystery shoppers, the Smice App provides tailor-made missions, available whenever they need them!

To meet the needs of our different types of users, i.e. your employees and our smiceurs, we have developed 2 versions of the same application.

In this way, your staff will have access to the functionalities they need to carry out self-assessments and audits of their points of sale, and our smiceurs will have access to the missions assigned to them.

In all cases, set-up is easy and only has to be done once. Your employees can launch their audits at any time, whenever they need to, from so-called "permanent" missions.

Questions organized by sequence

For easy navigation within the audit, questions are organized around the stages of the customer journey, or around the locations to be audited.

Questions organized by sequences

Audit organization is facilitated by either a sequential sequential or geographical structure of the questions.

In all cases, we adapt the questionnaire to your needs.

Discover the questions behind each sequence, then return to the general list to move on to the next sequence.

There's no need to fill in the sequence: you can switch from one sequence to another as you wish.

Each time you return to the sequence list, all the questions answered are saved on our servers to ensure that you never lose any data.

And if you're likely to spend a lot of time in areas not covered by the network, simply activate the off-line mode.

Clear, precise instructions

Ensure strict compliance with audit specifications

Clear and precise precise

To help you prepare for your audit or mystery visit, the Smice App provides the right details at the right time.

A complete briefing, illustrated with photos, videos and even quizzes to help you prepare for your audit, questions enriched with precise instructions for clear, consistent answers, a memo to remind you, just before your audit, what you shouldn't forget...

At each stage of the audit, the Smice App guides you so that every answer leaves no room for imprecision.

Up to 3 photos per reply

Because a picture is worth 1,000 words, each answer in your audit can be illustrated with 3 photos.

3 photos per reply

Justifying your answers with photos often makes everyone agree : )

Take your photos as you answer the question, or fetch them from your phone's photo library. Click on a photo to enlarge it and make sure it illustrates what you want to show.

These photos will then be accessible on the Smice platform from your Dashboards and PDF reports, as well as on your photo walls, which you can filter by theme, by question and even by compliance level!







Obligatory comments, or not...

Pre-listed comments allow you to justify non-compliance by clicking on a selection of reasons.

Comments required, or not...

Pre-listed comments allow you to justify any non-compliance by clicking on a selection of reasons.

This makes it possible to analyze the most common reasons for non-compliance across all visits, without having to analyze all the free comment fields one by one.

Instant reports on the app

Retrieve your internal audit reports
in real time, and immediately debrief
those being assessed!

Instant reports from the Smice App

As soon as the audit is complete, your colleagues have access to the report, including scores by sequence, by criteria, and all comments and photos!

Debrief the teams, send the report via email or WhatsApp with a comment to encourage or highlight non-conformities.

Analyze your results in real time

Get continuous data analysis to make the right decisions at the right time, with thousands of possible combinations to understand your results in the blink of an eye!

Customized dashboards

Easily create dashboards based on the results of your mystery visits and internal audits.

Customized dashboards

The Smice platform lets you design dashboards based on the results of your from your mystery visits and internal audits

Display all your results in the forms that suit you best: graphs, donuts, curves, images, tables,....and cross-reference your data with over 1000 possible combinations!

Detailed PDF reports

PDF reports showing overall mission score, as well as scores by sequence, job, theme, etc.

Detailed PDF reports

These PDF reports show the overall score for the mission, as well as scores by sequence, job, theme, etc.

It also includes all the answers to the questions, as well as the photos that were taken.

You get the full report for each visit, but we also make other, more specific report formats available:

  • The image report
  • Non-conformities report
  • Synthesis report

Good to know
: from the platform, you can ask us a question about the report as a whole or about a specific issue. The Smice team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What's more, all these visit reports have a "send to" link to disseminate the information to each stakeholder.

Customized alerts

Every Monday morning you will receive an email containing the most important news of the past week.

Customized alerts

Would you like a weekly follow-up of your surveys?

Every Monday morning you will receive an email containing
the most important news of the past week:

  • Overall visit score
  • Sales outlets that underperformed
  • Score by theme....

It's up to you to decide what information you want to include in the email!

If any points of sale drop out, you'll be alerted immediately

Picture walls

Display all photos taken during audits on filtered and organized image walls.

Images to help you understand at a glance!

Non-compliant shop windows, substandard toilets, perfectly made plates,....

Thanks to numerous filters, you can create your own walls of images based on a theme, a sequence, a region, a criterion... so you can easily visualize the good and less good practices on the subjects that interest you.

You can save your filters and name your lists, and also integrate these lists into your dashboards.


Create a multitude of saved tables by cross-referencing all your program parameters

Over 1000 possible possible!

Recorded views with all the filters you need to understand your results!

Cross-reference your results in all directions to extract the gist and understand them easily.

Scenario scores by store, by sequence, sequences cross-referenced with themes, criteria, store groups...

We're not going to list all 1,000 combinations 😉

Questions to our smiceurs

You can ask us a question about the report as a whole or about a specific issue.

In doubt? Ask your question

Because to err is human, and at Smice we're human, we can make mistakes.

That's why we've set up a way for you to ask us questions about an answer to your audit. Either we can answer directly, or we need to ask the smiceur who carried out your audit.

Either way, you'll get an answer, and if we're wrong, we'll change the answer (of course ; )).

Improve the quality of your customer experience

Implement targeted action plans and manage your teams through quality!

Easy analysis of non-conformities

Across your network, by region or by specific outlet, see at a glance the criteria you need to improve.

Easy analysis of non-conformities

To act on your weaknesses,
you need to be able to identify them easily!

That's why we've set up a solution so you can ask us questions about an answer to your audit.

Either we can answer directly, or we need to ask the smiceur who carried out your audit.

Either way, you'll get an answer, and if we're wrong we'll change the answer (of course ; )).

Creating action plans

Use our action plan module to create and manage your customer experience improvement tasks.

Easy creation of relevant action plans!

Each compliance issue must be the subject of an action plan for improvement

That's why we've developed an easy-to-use module that uses our intelligent tables to create action plans.

Qualifying actions (management, investment, etc.) enables them to be sent to the relevant departments, and it's even possible to create customized action types to suit your organization.

Those responsible for actions are notified, and it's possible to discuss progress with them.

Monitoring and sharing actions

Keep track of all tasks per animator and per sales outlet, and talk to your managers to find the actions that will bring your tasks to a close.

Collaborate for greater efficiency!

Monitor your employees' action plans and help them to achieve them. them.

If you're responsible for a region: keep track of all ongoing actions

You're a sales outlet manager: get help to find solutions

The action plan follow-up module lets you collaborate and find solutions together.

Measuring change

Each month you can track the effectiveness of your action plans by creating focuses on the criteria that have been the subject of an action plan.

How to measure the effectiveness of your action plans?

Select the criteria you want to improve and track their progress. progress!

It's essential to monitor the effectiveness of action plans implemented, not only on a store-by-store basis, but also at network level.

To do this, simply add a widget to your dashboard that tracks the evolution of scores for criteria covered by an action plan.

Trigger targeted audits

To help a sales outlet in difficulty on certain criteria, you can initiate targeted, tailor-made visits.

Help your outlets in difficulty!

Triggering complementary
and targeted visits is a good way to boost the quality of a point-of-sale team

Most of our customers have recurring programs, usually monthly, which provide
teams with regular action plans and managers with a tool for improving day-to-day operations.

But it is sometimes useful to trigger additional visits,
targeting specific criteria or scenarios, for certain sales outlets in difficulty.

This shows them that we care, and puts quality at the heart of everything we do.

Team self-evaluation

To help teams improve on priority actions, ask them to evaluate themselves and each other regularly.

Team self-evaluation for a virtuous approach

Self-assessment makes you aware of awareness of weaknesses.

Evaluation by head office via mystery visits and internal audits is important for measuring the level of quality delivered by teams in an impartial and factual way.

But it is not enough to become truly aware of weaknesses, and to take ownership of the approach. That's why we recommend regular self-assessment by teams.

It can also be carried out in coaching mode by outlet managers.

Customer feedback

Laurence Ternois

TGV Customer Experience Director

At the same time, we found Smice and its management team to be adaptable and attentive to
process changes.

Mystery Shopping's innovative service is delivered by Smice's delegated smicers. They test
all situations, including remote sales, and report and analyze what they have experienced, with a
particularity that we appreciate: the richness and diversity of the comments. "Doing, not doing" is not enough for us
, it's everything that will re-contextualize that can be interesting and is really brought up. Smicers
do it, and we appreciate it.

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