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For over 15 years, we've been helping you to measure compliance with your standards and evaluate your customer experience. We're also at your side to assess your salespeople's discourse across all distribution channels.
We put our expertise at your disposal to help your teams achieve operational excellence.


We'll help you create your customized audit program

Our aim is to help you maintain optimum customer satisfaction by ensuring compliance with your standards.

The aim of compliance mystery shopping is to measure compliance with customer journey quality objectively and consistently, identifying your network's strengths and weaknesses.

Whether in franchises or branches, we help you ensure the consistency of the brand experience delivered across your entire network.

Want to go one step further and manage your own audits? Discover our dedicated solutions.


Compliance mystery tour
What's it all about?

Find out how mystery shopping can help improve your compliance.


We help you measure the quality of your customer experience

Our aim is to help you shed light on how your visitors feel about their experience, beyond any benchmark.

The challenge of the customer experience visit is to bring out the weak signals that customers don't always share with your field teams. It helps your service standards evolve to improve customer satisfaction.

These innovative visits will enable you to put words to the perception of your customer experience.

Our demanding mystery shoppers are there to help your quality standards evolve.

Customer feedback

Richard Vaillant

Chief Executive

"The mystery shopping carried out by Smice provides an objective view of the areas for improvement. This is the point of view of a third party that provides the necessary hindsight to identify non-conformities. When you're in operations on a daily basis, you don't see certain things."


We help you track the evolution of your customer paths

Our aim is to help you assess the level of recommendation of your brand by the salespeople in your distribution network.

Mystery visits enable you to evaluate the sales pitch of the distributor's sales staff and to position yourself in relation to the competition at the same point of sale or across your entire distribution network.

We enable you to evaluate the use of your merchandising, the promotion of your new products and the orientation of sales staff towards your products.



Your first results in 48 hours
We consolidate feedback from the field in less than 48 hours, so you can keep an eye on your operational performance.

Quality mystery shoppers

A well-prepared visit for a quality result 

Our mystery visits are carried out by carefully recruited mystery shoppers. Their reports are complete, qualified, relevant and of the highest quality.

Industry experts

Our business expertise at your service

We work with industry experts to offer recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Innovative tools

Giving you the means to act

We provide you with specially designed reporting tools tailored to your needs. Identify your strengths and weaknesses at a glance.