A dedicated team

Because thinking about tomorrow is part of our DNA, we focus our innovation efforts and energy on long-term collaboration with our customers.

As a partner in your business and your success, we look with you in the same direction.

Our philosophy

Being innovative

We've been innovating in the Mystery Shopping sector for 15 years.

By relying on our Club of experts in the field, to guarantee reports of impeccable quality.

And by developing high value-added tools to enhance your customer services.

We measure how well your standards are applied.

Our approach


Flexibility is at the heart of everything we do.
Knowing how to adapt to the needs and organization of our partner customers is the key to providing THE right response.

That's why we favor agile practices and customization to meet all your needs: program adjustments, questionnaire modifications, specific R&D...
More than a desire to do things right, it's our DNA
THE team

We'll help you define and refine your needs, run your workshops, optimize your quality repository, and get to grips with the tools ...

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