Richard Vaillant

"The mystery shopping carried out by Smice provides an objective view of the areas for improvement. This is the point of view of a third party that provides the necessary hindsight to identify non-conformities. When you're in operations on a daily basis, you don't see certain things."

Laurence Ternois

laurence ternois

At the same time, we found Smice and its management team to be highly adaptable and responsive when it came to modifying processes. Mystery Shopping's innovative service is delivered by Smice's delegated smicers. They test all situations, including remote sales, and report and analyze what they have experienced, with a particularity that we [...].

Claire Wolf

Claire wolf

Since I started working with Smice, I've been doing more and better for the same budget than with my previous provider.

Astrid Lelievre


Smice's ability to listen and its innovative solutions have enabled us to take a fresh look at mystery shopping and, above all, to breathe new life into a long-standing tool for measuring the quality of our service businesses.

Sophie Arnoux

Sophie Arnoux

On a daily basis, Smice enables us to list, classify, prioritize, alert and share sensitive areas for improvement. And the team is very responsive and professional - a pleasure!

Grégory Come

Grégory Come

The Smice tools are easy to learn and use, making it easier for us to teach our managers and new recruits about the customer promise and the standards they need to know to deliver it. Smice enables us to ensure that we are always as close as possible to our customers' expectations.