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Our solution adapts perfectly to the specifics of your business, to audit, analyze and monitor the quality of your customer experience.

Our business sectors

Identify the quality of your customer experience and your processes.

Evaluate your repository and the delight of your customer experience.

Measure the "last few yards" of your product's promotion and sales path.

Qualify the experience your customers have in your hotels.

Measure the desirability of your offer and how your customers feel during their stay.

Identify areas for improvement in your restaurants and franchises

Define the level of customer service on trains, buses and streetcars using mystery shopping as part of your route planning.

Customer feedback

Sophie Arnoux

Franchisee Relations and Development Manager

On a daily basis, Smice enables us to list, classify, prioritize, alert and share sensitive areas for improvement. And the team is very responsive and professional - a pleasure!

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