SmiceApp, the must-have mystery shopping app

The year 2020 was an important turning point for Smice. We have decided to completely rethink our mystery shopping tools, deconstructing everything and starting from scratch.


Quite simply, because we wanted to create a complete, optimized and indispensable tool for the field. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the redesign. The Smice app is dead, long live the SmiceApp!

Why redesign the app?

After several years of use, we felt it necessary to completely overhaul our application for a number of reasons:

  • have a new, more modern design that focuses on the user experience;
  • create 2 distinct universes depending on whether the app is aimed at mystery shoppers or employees;
  • differentiate functionalities according to individual use.

Up until this redesign, we had a single app, but also a single universe, which didn't allow for as much fluidity as we'd hoped.

As the needs of mystery shoppers and those of our employees were different, we decided to rethink our approach.

What's more, with this new redesign, we have also created a space on our Pilot platform exclusively reserved for employees, which was not the case until now. 

We've made it a point of honor to ensure that this new version is the best mystery shopping tool on the market, designed for the field, and keeping multiple entries to a minimum. This tool is a Smice exclusive, developed by mystery shopping professionals. 

What's new in SmiceApp

In addition to a complete makeover, the SmiceApp has the distinctive feature of offering 2 distinct universes, depending on whether it's aimed at our mystery shoppers or your employees.

Easy navigation for our mystery shoppers

The Smice App is directly linked to our Pilot platform, from which our teams can make comments or request clarification from our field experts following their visits. The mystery shopper has just one tool, just one interface: the SmiceApp. They can access all their information, and all their answers are sent directly to our Pilot platform. It's transparent for him, and therefore easier to handle. On the app, chalked up in the colors of his mystery shopper universe, he finds everything he needs:

  • application forms ;
  • available assignments on which he can position himself;
  • exchanges with teams during reviews;
  • Briefings and memos for selected missions;
  • a space for proof of passage (photos, scans, etc.);
  • notifications to correct information that needs correcting;
  • the list of assignments carried out ;
  • the completed profile ;
  • etc.

Greater autonomy for your employees

For their part, your employees will find all the information they need for their internal audits, in a dedicated universe. Here you'll find essential information such as :

  • your personal space ;
  • the list of tasks to be carried out by establishment;
  • a specific section for permanent assignments (e.g. hygiene audits);
  • audit description ;
  • a section for photos and comments ;
  • an offline mode for secure answer entry.

In its version dedicated to employees, the SmiceApp app is directly linked to the Pilot platform, giving your teams total autonomy.

All information collected in the field is fed back in real time, enabling you to implement action plans as quickly as possible.

What's the verdict on the new SmiceApp?

As you can see, all our teams have worked hard on this project, and are very proud of it. This new version of the app is a bit like our "baby" at Smice, but above all it's yours. The initial feedback from the field is very positive, and that's what counts most for everyone involved in the project.

Our mystery shoppers particularly like the SmiceApp's smooth navigation and improved user experience. For their part, employees really appreciate seeing the list of their permanent assignments at a glance.

This project was particularly close to our hearts, but it will be followed by many others, always with a view to continuous improvement. To find out more about our app and the Pilot platform, click here.